Course curriculum

  • 2

    An INTRODUCTION to dealing with difficult people.

    • What are your objectives? Here are some suggestions from me to get you thinking based on 25 years of helping people deal with difficult behaviour.

    • Here's what I'll be covering in this course.

    • Your case study.

    • Dealing with difficult people

  • 3

    The TYPES of difficult people and why they're that way.

    • From deniers to seducers - what category do your difficult people fall into?

    • The sources of difficult behaviour: where does it come from?

  • 4

    A QUICK GUIDE on how to deal with difficult people. (Watch this lesson if you watch nothing else)!

    • Tools, tactics and strategies

  • 5

    ASSERTIVENESS: part one. It's impact on dealing with difficult people.

    • What is assertiveness and how does it compare to passive, aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviour?

    • Passive people

    • Aggressive people

    • Passive-aggressive people

    • Assertive people

    • How assertive are you?

    • Take my assertiveness survey.

    • Interpreting the results of the assertiveness survey.

  • 6

    ASSERTIVENESS: part two. On being in control and developing your assertiveness.

    • Where's your locus of control? Internal or external?

    • Eric Berne's life positions

    • Developing your assertivess

  • 7

    A little chapter on BEING LIKED (because who doesn't want to be)?

    • Who wants to be liked?

  • 8

    When difficult leads to CONFLICT.

    • Is it inevitable or avoidable?

    • Inevitable or avoidable? How did you answer?

    • The negatives and postives of conflict

    • The stages of conflict

  • 9

    The part PERSONALITY plays in dealing with difficult people.

    • An introduction to personality

    • Personaility traits

    • Psychometric tests

    • MBTI - what's your personality type?

  • 10

    MOTIVATION and difficult people.

    • What motivates you? What motivates your difficult person?

    • Motivating difficult people to change

    • Motivational theory

  • 11

    How SAYING NO can help you deal with difficult people.

    • Learning how to say no (and yes)!

  • 12

    In CONCLUSION: good points and pointers.

    • Even difficult people have good points

    • Top tips

    • Postcard pledge